Studying the Climate Vulnerability in Peanut Cropping System in Gujarat- GIZ India (June 2020-October 2020)


Project Duration – June 2020- June 2021

IORA conducted a comprehensive climate vulnerability assessment of peanut crop in Junagarh (Gujarat) for GIZ India. We carried out an analysis of historical climate trends in the location and future projections for temperature and rainfall. We further carried out stakeholder-mapping of the peanut value-chain, multi-variate analysis and development of farm level GHG emission inventories. IORA devised pragmatic, gender-sensitive Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Practices (CAMP) for peanut cropping. We conducted two ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) (online and offline) for large scale dissemination of proposed sustainable agricultural practices and adaptation strategies. We also developed a case study booklet on ‘Climate Change Adaptation Practices in Rainfed Peanut Cultivation from India and across the World’.