Establishing Climate Inventory and Monitoring System in Gujarat and Maharashtra- Shakti Sustainable Foundation (April 2020-Dec 2021)


Project Duration – April 2020- Dec 2021

Strengthening Sikkim’s vision of carbon neutrality, IORA developed Sikkim Climate Inventory and Monitoring System (SCIMS). It is a first of its kind web based automated system that annually inventorises Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by sources and sinks with additional capability of measuring , reporting and verifying (MRV) emission reduction and sequestration achieved through various actions of the state, the corporates, communities, and through individual efforts. Supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, IORA is presently engaged in executing institutional and outreach activities for SCIMS. Under the same project, IORA is working closely with Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) to support Gujarat in implementing its SAPCC. We will also develop a GHG inventory and Climate MRV system for Maharashtra on the lines of SCIMS. IORA is developing GHG emission baselines to identify high emission sectors and sectoral trends for both these states.