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We combine scientific innovation and evidence-based research with effective financing and management strategies. We identify the problems and their right solutions, including technology and tools towards delivering scalable ecological solutions.

As a leading environmental advisory organisation in India, we are driven to make Nature-based Solutions accessible for mitigating climate change and the risks associated with it. This forms the very basis of our comprehensive approach that helps us to create a sustained value for the environment and all our stakeholders. Thus, powering our purpose.

To initiate a project we carefully identify and assess the policy or landscape specific challenges. Recognizing that effective solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline or area of research, our experts integrate knowledge, experience and methodologies from multiple disciplines, including climate science, resource economics, environmental engineering and natural resource management. Our whole-systems approach helps us identify and design the most effective solutions and develop tools that translate and disseminate environmental sustainability agendas.

We practice and apply a broad range of methods including, qualitative & quantitative assessments, surveys and policy assessments to investigate the existing indicators and trends of climate change, and further provide fact-based recommendations to the stakeholders.

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