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Iora Ecological Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading environmental advisory firm in India with expertise in natural resource conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Founded in 2009, IORA has multi-disciplinary expertise across finance, program implementation, policy advisory and scientific research.

We have an extensive experience and proven ability to design and implement Nature-based Solutions (NbS) driven projects across the globe. This enables us to offer an integrated and effective NbS platform for large scale ecosystem conservation and climate action projects.

We have successfully implemented 150+ projects in last 12 years across Conservation and Management of Natural Ecosystems, and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. We have built cross-sector alliances with governments, NGOs, corporates and multilateral organizations to tackle complex environmental challenges.

We leverage the collective expertise of these alliances to inform, initiate debates & discussions and influence policy and decision-making.

Our team of over 75 members is headquartered in Delhi with regional teams across 7 states of India and partners worldwide.

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