Support Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Models for Deployment of Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems in Assam and Meghalaya- Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (June 2020-May 2022)


Project Duration – June 2020-May 2022

IORA is working on “Developing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Models for Deployment of Decentralised Renewable Energy Systems in Assam and Meghalaya”. The project is supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. We have identified 10 sites to deploy suitable DRE technology solutions across both the states using a PPP approach. Our pilots present solutions for rural electrification, building resilient Disaster Risk Management (DRM) infrastructure, resilient medical infrastructure and development of local enterprises. We will identify/ create local institutional frameworks to host and support the implementation and monitoring of the proposed DRE solutions. This may include the existing Village Panchayat (VPs), Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs), Self Help Groups (SHGs) or creation of new Village Energy Committees (VECs) as needed. Training and capacity building of community stakeholders will be carried out to encourage entrepreneurship and to ensure effortless operation and maintenance of DRE systems. The project is an endeavour to achieve SDG 7 in Assam and Meghalaya by developing a roadmap to provide reliable access to electricity.