Revision of UPSAPCC


Project Duration – Oct 2020- July 2021

GIZ India engaged IORA to revise the State Action Plan for Climate Change in Uttar Pradesh (UP SAPCC) in line with India’s commitments under the Paris Agreement. An overarching objective of the project is to assist in the preparation of new short-term (2023) and long-term (2030) climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. IORA conducted district-level climate vulnerability assessment using the IPCC AR5 methodology and carried out a policy analysis to establish linkages between ongoing policies/programmes, schemes and strategies to enhance climate resilience. The analysis will establish linkages between these strategies and national and state level commitments, as adopted under the State SDG Targets and NDCs. The SAPCC review will develop a plan to explore convergence opportunities between domestic and international finance. This will aid in the development of state specific investment plans for identified streams of actions within respective missions.