Development of PES mechanisms, recommendations and guidelines for the implementations of the PES and FES approaches in the forest management of Himachal Pradesh


Project Duration – April 2019- Feb 2020

Supporting the operationalisation of state’s PES policy, IORA as a part of GIZ India project, developed Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) mechanisms for Alha (Dalhousie) and Hamta (Manali) and assisted in refinement of the existing PES mechanism in Bohal (Palampur) and Kashapat (Rampur). Modifications were also suggested in the Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plan for Kashapat. The work comprised assessment of the impediments, bottlenecks and opportunities under the policy and its operational guidelines to recommend refinements. We carried out intensive field consultations to design and refine these pilot schemes and provide the final structural outline of the PES models based on site-specific issues. The selected sites reflected common site opportunities across the state. This work served as a foundation to review the Himachal Pradesh PES policy, and recommended measures supporting the development of PES mechanisms across the state.