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Swapan Mehra

Founder & CEO

Swapan Mehra is an environmental finance and climate policy expert with over 16 years of experience in developing climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. He is the Founder-CEO of Iora Ecological Solutions, one of India’s leading environmental advisory firms that enables climate action through integrated nature-based solutions. After completing his MBA from IIFM (2006-2006), he pursued a mid-career Masters from Harvard Kennedy School MPA (2022).

He is a World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader (2020), a Donella Meadows Fellow at the Balaton Group, a LEAD India Fellow, and a FICCI Young Business Leader.

Swapan Mehra has contributed to some of India’s pivotal policy documents including National REDD+ Strategy, NDC Goal 5 Roadmap, and “devolution formula” for India’s 14th and 15th Finance Commissions.

He was a technical reviewer of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiatives, a major UN project demonstrating how REDD+ can support a green economy, and is a key jury member for the UNDP Equator Prize.

He has also led carbon finance and climate investment teams at Evolution Markets and AES India, during the early CDM days.

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