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Public Private Partnership

We work with public and private sector players to create innovative mechanisms that support an extensive outreach for promoting initiatives on forest restoration and conservation.

Recent Projects

Business and Biodiversity: Estimations of Investment in India

Client:- UNDP India

IORA was engaged under the BIOFIN India programme to develop a baseline of biodiversity investments by 150 Indian private companies and identify potential partnership opportunities with Financial Institutions (FIs) to mobilize investments towards biodiversity in India. This initiative seeks to address the country’s biodiversity finance challenge by developing tools and methodological framework for measuring biodiversity expenditure. It was used to build a financial strategy for implementing India’s National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP) and making progress towards achieving the National Biodiversity Targets (NBTs).

Scoping Study: Mainstreaming Biodiversity Business in India

Client:- GIZ India

IORA carried out a scoping study for MoEFCC, GoI and GIZ India on developing matrices for mainstreaming biodiversity concerns in business practices of Indian corporates. This scoping study assessed the landscape of biodiversity initiatives in India and globally, and provided recommendations to establish appropriate practices for valuation and conservation of biodiversity. IORA shortlisted candidate Indian companies for four pilot studies to showcase the benefits of this practice. Based on the outcomes of this study and recommendations, CII developed the “India Business and Biodiversity Initiative” for India.

Survey of Agar-wood Market in India and Analyze its Investment Potential

Client:- Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.

Recognising the vast market potential of the Agarwood industry in India, Sumitomo Forestry commissioned IORA to conduct a detailed study and investigation of the Agarwood value chain within the national and international markets and related policy contexts. We assessed the Agarwood industry and allied investments across its value chain to come up with an overarching investment potential report on the industry. We identified the key market players involved directly in supply and demand of raw materials analysing their role and impact on the value chain. A product analysis was also carried out based on common parameters of pricing, demand-supply scenarios and transportation network. The team also reviewed the legal framework governing the raising and trading of Agarwood. Discussions were held with the office holders of All Sanchi (Agar) Growers Association of Assam (AASGA) to gauge the current status of market for Agar and opinions on the policy decisions under consideration by the government. The study aided in determining potential zones for Agarwood plantations across different states of India using spatial evaluation of climatic and geophysical parameters. The study also defined the total investment requirement of Agarwood industry in India and potential returns on investment analysis.

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