FarmerZone : A Cloud based Smart Agriculture Initiative by DBT


Project Duration – 2018-2021 (ongoing)

FarmerZone is the Department of Biotechnology’s vision for a cloud-based service that offers curated data solutions for improved agricultural productivity and market connectivity to smallholder farmers. It is expected to serve as a multi-purpose window for dissemination of information to the farmers; from dealing with climate change issues to land size, soil characteristics, water availability, seed quality and market linkages.
IORA was the overall management partner on behalf of DBT, and was involved for developing the market linkage related aspects of the application – MarketZone. We led the expansion of partnerships with other research institutes and private sector players involved in potato value chain. FarmerZone was successful in registering more than 6000 potato farmers from Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. These farmers can now easily access a multi-lingual database of more than 2500 verified market related sources.