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Climate Finance and Budgeting

Climate Finance is a strategic pillar for enabling climate action. Our collaboration with governments, research institutes, international organisations and NGOs allows us to accelerate financing opportunities for climate adaptation and mitigation.

Recent Projects

Conducting the Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR) for Sikkim

IORA, in partnership with World Bank, conducted a Climate Public Expenditure Review for Sikkim. We reviewed the state’s existing budget plans to address challenges to climate change. The project also identified and prioritised areas of actions in policy, investment opportunities, knowledge building and institutional capacity. The study builds on IORA’s previous work on “Mainstreaming Climate Action and Disaster Risk Management in Sikkim”. CPEIR provides a systematic qualitative and quantitative analysis for planning and budgeting of public expenditures concerning climate change in the state.

Support the State of Haryana in preparation of project proposal for accessing National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC)

With assistance from GIZ India, IORA supported the Haryana Forest Department in preparing project proposal for accessing climate finance from the National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC). The proposed project enhanced the adaptive capacity of urban and peri-urban landscapes in NCR through conservation & restoration of critical rainwater catchments & water bodies in the Gurugram Aravalli landscape. The project focused on water resource augmentation, bioremediation and enhancement of urban ecosystem services. IORA conducted field surveys, meetings with government officials and also prioritised interventions, while assessing their feasibility.

Support the State of Gujarat in preparation of project proposal for accessing National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC)

IORA (in partnership with GIZ India) developed a project concept note and a detailed Project Design Document (PDD) for the State Government of Gujarat for “Climate Change Adaptation for Natural Resource (NR) dependent communities for Kachchh district, Gujarat” project. The project proposed to develop climate resilience through livelihood security and ecosystem restoration. The PDD was used to access funds from NAFCC. The project was implemented by Forest Department in Gujarat in partnership with GEER Foundation and Gujarat Institute on Desert Ecology (GUIDE).

Developing Innovative Concepts on Adaptation (NAFCC)

Climate Change Adaptation in Rural Areas of India (CCA-RAI) intended to develop new concepts to leverage funds from National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC) for newer adaptation projects. The overall objective of this initiative was to analyse the ongoing NAFCC projects and to develop concepts/projects for innovative ideas on adaptation (linking different states, sectors and stakeholders). IORA conducted a detailed analysis of the 27 NAFCC projects and identified key areas of possible reforms. Further, 6 innovative concepts (Building Climate Resilient Value Chains of India specific Medicinal Plants, Brahmaputra Basin, Urban Infrastructure in Coastal Cities, Agriculture Infrastructure, Cauvery Basin and Health Sector) were developed for funding.

Technologies and Finance needs assessment for Adaptation in India

Commissioned by Shakti Sustainable Foundation, IORA is assessing the adaptation financing needs for the identified key sectors- Water, Agriculture and allied sectors, Land use and Forest and Health till the year 2040. The work involves a detailed literature review for identification of priority areas of adaptation in each key sector, stakeholders’ mapping, engaging policy makers, industry players, experts, and other stakeholders towards technology gap identification & prioritisation of appropriate technologies, along with policy and financial assessment for implementation of identified technologies.

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