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Climate Finance

Climate Finance

The IORA team supports governments and private developers to access and leverage domestic and international climate finance through policy design, project development and structuring. IORA specializes in forestry and community based mitigation and adaptation projects.

Our Climate Finance services at national and subnational levels include:
  • Identification and development of New Market Mechanisms for Climate Finance
  • Development of sectoral claimer finance strategies through NAMAs
  • Project preparation and development to access the Green Climate Fund
  • Project documentation and approvals to access voluntary carbon markets


New Market Mechanism for India

IORA, in collaboration with KPMG India is identifying and detailing various options for prospective market mechanisms for climate change mitigation in India. The project is being undertaken for GIZ, as part of their bilateral program, Indo German Environment Partnership Programme (IGEP).

Location India
Duration Continuous
Client Name KPMG
Support to Telengana State Government in Preparation of Project proposal from Prioritized Activities in SAPCC

IORA worked with MoEFCC and GIZ, India to develop a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Telangana titled “Resilient Agricultural Households through Adaptation to Climate Change in Telangana (RAH-ACT)” to avail financing from the National Adaptation Funds for Climate Change (NAFCC). Other executive entities engaged in the process were Department of Agriculture, Government of Telangana; Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU); International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), and Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI).

The key tasks included developing the project concept note and a detailed project proposal for the selected projects from the prioritized list and consultation on potential funding sources, preparation of DPR through stakeholder engagements for calibration of proposal objectives, activities, outcomes and budgetary outlay, and incorporating norms and conditions.  The first stage of assisting the Government of Telangana in preparing a proposal for NAFCC has been completed with an approval of the DPR by the State Steering Committee.

Location Telangana, India
Duration 2015 – 2016
Client Name GIZ India & MoEFCC, GoI
India Organic Waste Management Programme (IOWMP)

IORA has formulated India’s first successful household waste management project in India, the India Organic Waste Management Project (IOWMP) to promote household organic waste management through installation of biogas plants at household, community and institutional levels in India. IOWMP’s value chain ensures timely delivery, training on usage, rapid installation, maintenance and longevity of plants and world class monitoring in line with the prestigious Gold Standard. In partnership with the award winning technology partner, Biotech Renewable Energy, IORA has distributed over 20,000 plants across India with a nearly 100% implementation track record over three years.

Location Multiple states of India
Duration 2012 – 2028
Distribution of Solar Cook stoves in Rajasthan

IORA partnered with Climate Healers, a US-based non-profit working on developing and distributing solar cookstoves as an alternate to fuelwood and charcoal. Climate Healers focuses on promoting butterfly style parabolic solar cookers produced in India and China. The parabolic cookers provide focused heat necessary for traditional Indian cooking, including baking rotis and frying.

We were responsible for assisting in the proliferation of the solar cookstoves by providing the Program access to the Gold Standard (GS) Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) cycle, monetizing credits and designing a fund distribution scheme for individual households as a performance incentive for usage.

Location Rajasthan
Duration 2010 – 2011
Client Name Climate Healers, USA
Development of Decentralized Renewable Energy System

The Rockefeller Foundation funded SPEED project aimed to create a positive impact on the lives of poor rural communities in India through the delivery of more affordable, reliable and clean energy services to enhance livelihood security and improve overall quality of life. The project sought to develop replicable models around decentralized electrification in India.

IORA was engaged by Development Alternative, the lead program implementing agency, to provide consulting support to develop corporate and government engagement strategies, project due diligence tools and project contracting procedures for pilot projects.

Location Multiple States of India
Duration 2010 – 2011
Client Name SPEED
Demonstrating a Financing Framework to Support Biodiversity Conservation at the Landscape Level for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

IORA conducted a cutting edge environmental economics project to develop and demonstrate an appropriate financing framework to support biodiversity conservation at the landscape level. The pilot project site was Munnar in the Western Ghats of Peninsular India; a critical biodiversity region. The complex mosaic of land use in this 3,100 sq.km landscape required a balanced approach, considering the environment, social and livelihood options. Using a collaborative framework for management of Munnar’s landscape, IORA tried to ensure that opportunities for tapping into innovative financing options for inclusive conservation were explored. IORA aimed to create a paradigm shift from the current sector-based planning to an integrated approach for multiple-use management of mountain landscapes to deliver global environmental benefits and community co-benefits. Various options of multiple-use landscape management techniques including piloting clean technology implementation and new market mechanisms such as REDD+ were explored and identified.

Location Munnar, Kerela
Duration 2015
Client Name UNDP