Waste To Energy

Waste To Energy

IORA’s mission is to enable sustainable development in India by promoting ecosystem conservation and low carbon technologies through customized financing and distribution models. IORA has partnered with BIOTECH Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd has formulated India’s first successful organic waste management based PoA (Program of Activities) Gold Standard (GS) project, the “Indian Organic Waste Management Programme (IOWMP)” through installation of biogas plants at household, community and institutional level.


India Organic Waste Management Programme (IOWMP)

IORA has formulated India’s first successful household waste management project in India, the India Organic Waste Management Project (IOWMP) to promote household organic waste management through installation of biogas plants at household, community and institutional levels in India. IOWMP’s value chain ensures timely delivery, training on usage, rapid installation, maintenance and longevity of plants and world class monitoring in line with the prestigious Gold Standard. In partnership with the award winning technology partner, Biotech Renewable Energy, IORA has distributed over 20,000 plants across India with a nearly 100% implementation track record over three years.Though the program is not restricted to any specific technology provider or type of technology, the first VPA is done through BIOTECH. Hence, partnerships that this program led to are:

  1. BIOTECH (technology partner)
  2. Corporate partnerships like TATA Chemical, Kalyani Group etc.
  3. Government Department (e.g. Department of Science & Technology, Government of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Municipalities etc.)
  4. NGOs
Location Multiple states of India
Duration 2012 – 2028