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Climate Change Public Private Partnerships

Climate Change Public Private Partnerships

IORA has developed a singular platform for building partnerships for climate change that help leverage resources from public and private sector and channelizing them into interventions for climate change adaptation and mitigation, identified through scientific research using various methodologies, tools and techniques. This platform is designed to focus on geographical areas, climate change issues and other environmental resources, developmental needs of the communities and mandates of the investing partners.


Private Sector Partnerships for Climate Change Adaptation

Under DFID’s Climate Change Innovation Programme (CCIP) India, IORA has been working towards catalysing private sector engagement on climate change adaption in Maharashtra. The project aims to identify and develop Private Sector Partnership (PSP) models for implementation of climate change adaptation activities in sectors such as agriculture, water and natural resource management. Towards this end, IORA stratified a longlist of 100+ companies operational in Maharashtra across the categories of high impact on climate change, direct climate vulnerability and indirect climate vulnerability. Subsequently, several rounds of consultations were held with a shortlist of companies and relevant government departments in Maharashtra leading to identification of one PSP pilot concept each for four leading companies. Currently, IORA is working with these four companies to develop the PSP pilot proposals, including the financial and implementation plans, which will result in public-private partnership on climate adaptation. Further, IORA has also developed a toolkit for building awareness amongst Indian businesses on various investment models for climate adaptation which have been successfully implemented globally and are applicable in the Indian context.

Location Maharashtra
Duration 2015 – Ongoing
Client Name Climate Change Innovation Programme (CCIP) India