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Business and Climate Change

Business and Climate Change

IORA helps businesses address climate change threats by providing sustainable solutions that are cost-effective and impactful. Our tools and techniques, based on internationally recognized standards and methodologies, provide a holistic approach to building low carbon and climate resilient business value chains.

Our services for building climate friendly businesses include:
  • Carbon footprint analysis and reporting
  • Development of carbon footprint reduction, offsetting and neutrality strategies
  • Development of cost-effective and practicable tools for robust Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of GHG emissions and reductions
  • Development of climate change risk assessment and management strategies for businesses
  • Develop and implement Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Climate Change Adaptation and Business – Investment models

IORA is developing a climate risk management model for businesses to ensure a climate resilient supply chain. The process involves analyzing business supply chains and assessing ways and means through which businesses can be made climate shock proof. Simultaneously, IORA is designing investment models, which will enable these businesses to generate enough funds to hedge themselves from climate shocks.

Location India
Duration 2015 onwards
Client Name Oxford Policy Management Ltd. (OPML)
Study on Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Disaster Management in Different Departments in Assam

The study involves a preliminary department wise desk based review of the Acts, Regulations, By laws etc. under the perspective of the Disaster Management (DM) Act 2005. IORA will undertake an in-depth assessment of actions taken so far to identify gaps towards comprehensive enactment of DM Act 2005. It will be followed by identification of potential Global best practices and developing a roadmap for implementation of these practices.

Location Assam, India
Duration 2017
Client Name Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA)