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Bio Briqutting

Bio Briqutting

IORA assists in developing and deploying scientific tools, techniques and methods for improved ecosystem management, carbon sequestration, preparation of better forest carbon inventory, development of reference baselines and designing modalities/programs for providing better incentives to forest dependent communities for promoting REDD+ activities; and enhancing human and institutional capacity. In one of it’s eco-friendly initiative IORA is converting waste into biomass briquettes.


Promotion of Smokeless Biomass Briquetting in Sikkim

The project is a pilot scale intervention being implemented by NABARD in collaboration with IORA (as Forest-PLUS implementation partner) to promote production and use of biomass briquetting in rural households in Sikkim. With support from NABARD, the project aims to reduce dependence on communities on fuelwood by providing alternative clean source of energy i.e. bio-briquettes. Under this project, 300 people across East Sikkim were trained on using bio-briquetting moulds. Out of these, 30 beneficiaries (Self-Help Groups and Women Self-Help Groups) were given moulds for free for production of briquettes for self-consumption and / or sale for generating income. The briquettes generated with the use of biomass waste are smokeless, and therefore help its users avoid health risks associated with inhalation of smoke during burning of fuelwood. These can be used readily for cooking, heating, and commercial purposes such as large cardamom drying and in industrial boilers.

Based on the success of the project, bio-briquetting will be proposed to various government agencies, banks, private sector partners for its uptake as a clean technology and support the implementation of this technology at a large scale across rural India.

Location Sikkim
Duration 2016 – 2017
Client Name NABARD, Forest-PLUS Program